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Our goal is to serve the community by being truly committed to listening to our patients, creating an individualized treatment plan, and helping our patients lead healthier, pain-free, and fulfilled life.


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Dr. Baker has served the York area as a chiropractor for the past 12 years. In 2022, Dr. Baker founded Baker Chiropractic Sport and Spine Clinic with the mission to serve the community where he resides and worships. He strives to provide an exceptional patient experience where he listens, educates, and treats patients to return to or maintain a pain-free lifestyle.

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Very professional and knowledgeable on back issues and overall personal health.

“Highly recommend Dr. Baker for treatments. Very professional and knowledgeable on back issues and overall personal health. Puts everything in place with adjustments and has resolved sciatica nerve pain and rib head issues.”

Adam Clippinger
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Dr. Ken Baker

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Baker was born and raised in Dillsburg, PA, and is a 2002 Northern High School graduate. In 2006, he graduated from West Chester University with a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science, and in 2010 graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Daytona Beach, Florida. After graduation he returned to PA where he practiced in York, Pennsylvania for 12 years running the North York Office of Chiropractic Athletic Center.

In 2022, Dr. Baker opened Baker Chiropractic Sport and Spine Clinic in Mechanicsburg, PA. He is trained in Myofascial Release Therapy allowing him to treat many muscular conditions in ways other practitioners cannot. Dr. Baker has spent countless hours working with athletes ranging from the professional level to the weekend warrior both as a chiropractor and as a strength coach.

Dr. Baker is married to his wife, Laura, and together they have two boys, Kayden and Wyatt. He enjoys, coaching baseball, hiking, fishing, camping, and spending time with his family and friends.

Laura Baker

Office Manager

Laura was born and raised in Montoursville, PA.  She attended Mansfield University and graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. She works as an Administrator on Duty for UPMC Harrisburg and joined Baker Chiropractic Sport and Spine Clinic in 2022 as the office manager. Laura is a certified health and wellness coach and is extremely passionate about health wellness and loves helping people with nutrition in order to attain optimal health.  She is excited to work alongside her husband Dr. Baker in their mission to serve Mechanicsburg and surrounding areas. 

In her free time, Laura enjoys spending time with her husband and two children Kayden and Wyatt, hiking, fishing, camping, cooking healthy foods, and being outside.

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Sports Injuries and Sports Performance

Without the use of drugs or invasive surgical procedures, sports chiropractors take a multidisciplinary approach in capitalizing on the human body’s restorative power to heal itself. ​

Any athletes who play sports regularly benefit from chiropractic care.  Exercise regimens may cause aches and pains. Dr.Baker will help you stay fit and healthy through regular adjustments and help you to maximize your workouts and performance results. Dr. Baker has worked with hundreds of athletes ranging from professional athletes looking to gain an edge over their competition to the weekend warrior looking to gain a few extra yards on their golf swing. Dr. Baker has a special interest in and passion for helping throwing sports athletes maximize their body potential for improved function leading to fewer arm injuries and increased MPH on their fastballs.

Automobile Accident

Being in an automobile accident can be frightening and then there are the injuries that are associated with being involved in one.

Visiting a chiropractor that has a lot of experience treating those injured in auto accidents can make all the difference.  The importance of knowing what to do with those injuries after an accident is vital. By meeting with Dr. Baker, he can establish an individualized treatment plan to help alleviate the pain.

Back Pain

At some point, everyone will experience some sort of back pain which can range from a slight twinge to pain that can be debilitating.

Dr. Baker’s number one goal with back pain patients is to determine if the tissue in the back is causing the disfunction so a comprehensive individual treatment plan can be formulated to fix the problem.

Chiropractic care serves as a preventative treatment for impending back pain or as a relief to whatever degree of pain you are currently experiencing.

Dr. Baker’s goal is to provide relief to back pain and to provide patients with a pain-free way of life. 

Headaches / Migraines

If you are experiencing migraines and symptoms associated such as nausea, vomiting, light and noise intolerance depression, and irritation, you may have a structural issue that needs chiropractic care

What moves the spine out of line? Repetitive stress, trauma, developmental issues. All of these can put pressure or irritate your nerves causing tightness in the upper cervical spine that may lead to migraines or headaches.

Seeing a chiropractor will help to align the spinal column, relieving the tightness that is pushing on irritated and compressed nerves, and help to relieve the extreme symptoms of headaches and migraines that can leave you down and out. 


Many patients are surprised to learn that vertigo is something that chiropractic treats very successfully.  It is one of Dr. Baker’s favorite conditions to treat due to the very high success rate of completely resolving the condition.  Dr. Baker has helped 100’s of vertigo patients most of which have not had the symptoms again after treatment.

Often patients present with the patient feeling as if the “room is spinning”. Many of the medications prescribed can leave patients tired and unable to drive. Dr. Baker can offer a natural alternative to medical treatments.


Whether you are dealing with pain in the lower back that radiates down to your leg and into the foot or if you are experiencing pain from standing for long periods of time with weakness tingling and numbing in your leg, the root cause may be due to a misalignment or a disc condition. 

Do you feel a pinched feeling in your back that sends tingling sensations down your leg when you bend over to pick up that piece of paper? That is Sciatica.

Sciatica is common when there are subluxations or misalignments and nerve impingement. This may be due to poor posture, repetitive use, accidents, pregnancy, or trauma.  Dr. Baker is experienced and trained in identifying the source of sciatica, creating a treatment plan with the patient, and helping to restore the body’s natural alignment.

Work Injuries

Chiropractors have a high success rate in treating work injuries. Dr. Baker will do an evaluation to assess the injury and develop an individualized treatment plan.

Repetitive stress injuries are one of the most common problems that are related to injuries such as: 

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Sciatica
  • Back Aches and Pains
  • Arthritis
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Slipped or Herniated discs
  • Leg and Knee Pain

If you have just begun to experience pain from repetitive movements at work you should seek Chiropractic care. 

Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ)

TMJ is the sliding hinge that connects your jawbone to your skull.

Dr. Baker can treat TMJ by alleviating tension and dysfunction in the spine and jaw. TMJ is often treated with a multiple disciplinary approaches with many patients receiving both chiropractic care and being referred to the best dental practitioner that can help assist in their recovery from TMJ.


Scoliosis starts when there is a curve or minor bend in the spine. After the spine curves more than 10 degrees it is diagnosed as scoliosis. There can be serious health consequences experienced with extreme cases of scoliosis.​

Once issues are identified through Chiropractic examinations, Dr. Baker will complete an assessment and discuss a treatment plan to slow down and stop the progression of scoliosis.

Shoulder / Arm

The shoulder joint is used in the majority of activities that we engage in daily. Pain in the shoulder may come on suddenly or gradually. Regardless of the pain level, it is important to have your shoulder examined by a chiropractor and treated promptly.  There is a list of symptoms that you should consider seeking Chiropractic care for immediately:

  • Inability to raise shoulder above your head
  • Pain when lifting or carrying objects
  • Bruising or swelling
  • Clicking noises when the joint is in movement
  • Frequent shoulder pain that comes on gradually or suddenly

Leg Pain

By gently re-positioning the vertebrae and using a noninvasive gentle approach, Chiropractors are able to provide relief to extremity pain. 

Leg pain may be due to obvious factors such as an injury, playing a sport, or lifting weights. Repetitive motion or patterns of work may also lead to pain in these ligaments.

A chiropractic adjustment, which can provide instant and long-term relief to patients, is a method for correcting this pain. Through identifying the cause for concern, whether it be tendonitis, arthritis, or due to injury, Chiropractic care can treat the problem.  This is done through adjustments that realign the spine and body. By doing this, Dr.Baker will focus on where the source usually lies and relieve the irritated nerves that are causing pain in your legs. 


Many pregnant women are ecstatic to find out that chiropractic is very safe and effective at treating the symptoms that so often present when pregnant. Pregnancy can cause physical stress and discomfort. Pregnant women often complain of lower back pain, sciatica, leg cramping, and difficulty sleeping.  ​

Chiropractic treatment can help relieve this pain and allow pregnant women to perform daily tasks more comfortably. It can also provide an easier birthing process and restore alignment to the woman’s spine after the birth of their baby.


A child’s body is put through a lot of different circumstances that may start to develop issues that need chiropractic care. These could be due to poor posture while on their phones, computers, or watching TV, carrying their backpacks incorrectly, playing sports, or dealing with stress.

Dr. Baker has treated patients from infancy and is experienced in providing non-invasive gentle adjustments. Dr. Baker’s goal is to determine if treatment is needed and provide the utmost care to your whole family.


Dr. Baker has not only helped his own children but many others with various conditions such as reflux, inability to turn head and latch properly when breastfeeding, cervical rotation, and maintenance treatment for improved overall health. 

Wellness / Maintenance

As we watch what we put into our bodies, our emotional wellness, our fitness routines, and schedule routine and preventative appointments we should also consider the spinal column that holds the nerves controlling the ability to send messages to the rest of our body.

Daily activities in our lives, such as how we hold stress in our shoulders, and our bad posture as we sit at our desks or hold our kids incorrectly all impact our spine and our bodies. It is important to consider how chiropractic care should be a part of your wellness preventative plans.

Call Baker Chiropractic and allow Dr. Baker to take care of aligning you to live a life of optimal health and wellness. By making those routine and preventative appointments to include Chiropractic care you are taking care of your body and spine that needs attention not only when you are in pain.

Weight Management

Dr. Baker and his team provide a plan that empowers and equips people to create optimal health in their lives.

    •  Lose weight and keep it off
    •  More energy
    • Lower or eliminate medications
    • Gain confidence and be the BEST you!
    • Certified Health Coach- accountability and support

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